Michael Lickver


Mike Lickver is a Toronto native, corporate commercial lawyer (specializing in technology and is one of Canada’s leading advisors in the medical marijuana industry), amateur rap superstar and part-time music and video producer. When he isn’t moonlighting on movie sets with his production company, King Motion Pictures, or closing deals in Bay Street boardrooms, he is an adjunct professor at Western Law where he created and taught the first course on medical marijuana and the law in the fall of 2015. With all of his spare time (read: none) Mike can be found breaking his ankles on the basketball court, travelling the world to climb mountains and setting world records for most golf balls lost in a single round.

Mike holds Law (J.D.) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees from the University of Western Ontario and the Richard Ivey School of Business, respectively, as well as an honours bachelor degree in Philosophy and Socio-Legal studies from York University.